Welcome Back

Locker Day!

Wednesday September 2 @ 8:30am - 10:30am
Please remember to bring: $30.00 (cash or cheque) for voluntary Student Fees. Grade 10-12 students should also bring their school issued black lock from last year to reserve their locker. The student fee will pay for your agenda, locker, your student photo, your student ID card, and other costs that facilitate our many school activities throughout the year. Your timetable and bus pass (if qualified) will be made available at this time.  Student photos for ID and prints will be taken on September 9th.

As we are still determining how student memories will be collected and shared this year there will not be a pre-sale of yearbooks.

Grade 9 students will receive their school issued locks and lockers during orientation on Tuesday September 8th. Only Merviale issued black locks are to be used for lockers.

Safety First
The safety and well-being of your child in our school is important to us. Please ensure that all of our contact information is correct and up to date. This includes email addresses. 

Also, if you want the school to store long-term prescription medication and/or epi-pens, it is mandatory to have your doctor complete and sign the appropriate OCDSB medical forms annually. Copies of these forms can be found at merivalehs.ocdsb.ca

When We Meet Again
Our first day of class is September 8, 2015. It is expected that all students are in attendance on the first day. Your child’s course selection may be affected if they are not.  This will be a full day of activities and classes. If for some reason, your child is unable to attend on the first day, please contact the main office through our attendance email address merivalehsattendance@ocdsb.ca.

Getting to School By Bus
The eligibility for students in grades 9-12 have changed. All students meeting the distance criteria (over 3.2 km) from their designated school are eligible to receive transportation services. OSTA will select the most appropriate mode of transportation which may include yellow bus, public transit or small school purpose vehicle. Please refer to their website for more information or call 613-224-8800.  Cross-boundary transfer students are ineligible for any transportation services.  Similarly, regardless of financial need, students living closer than 3.2 km from the school are also ineligible. For all questions related to bus routes and eligibility, please visit http://www.ottawaschoolbus.ca/

Fitness Races in the Haven


Congras to Ms Dynie's grade 10 / 11 fitness class who participated in the 10km race for Rogers House this weekend in Barrhaven.  Top finishers were Jacob Hammel, Victor Dimitrov and Shakil Z!   Way to go MHS!

Graduation Photos

Find yours!

Thanks to the students in our FOCUS Graphic Design program, we are happy to make these fantastic photos of our graduates available for download.

Click here to access the http://merivalehs.ocdsb.ca/photoshare site.

Summer School


Registration for summer school make-up classes is still open and available for student who need to make up a missed credit. Parental consent is required on the registration form which is available now in Student Services.

Information, including locations, times and course listings can be found here.

Report Cards will be available for pickup in the Main Office on Thursday July 2, from 9 am till noon.

Have a safe and happy holiday. We look forward to seeing you in September.

Exam Schedule 2015

June 17-23

The MHS June 2015 Exam Schedule is now ready. Students should review exams dates carefully to ensure they are ready. All student MUST write their final exams in order to complete course requirements. In cases of medical emergency, students must provide valid medical documentation of why an exam was missed in order to be given a re-write date.

Complete Schedule